Available Stories

Here’s a list of Published or Produced works of mine:
XenoManus Universe: Serial Science Fiction

“In the deep loneliness of space, humanity’s last remnants struggle against extinction. Their only chance at a future is a single planet covered in deadly fauna and ferocious creatures. They must annex this hostile place because there is nowhere to go. There is no retreat. The survival of our species might just be possible if those remaining choose to pay the price.
Can our soldiers carve out a foothold on this planet and start again? Will our scientists make the same destructive mistakes as before? Or will our children create something else entirely? There is still hope that humanity can flourish again.”


The First City: Alternate History

““Captain William Wilkens’ normal day of low altitude test flights turns into a near death experience when his plane losses all power and crashes.  Once safely on the ground he meets a mysterious young woman who appears completely out-of-place. Her odd behavior starts to make more sense once she brings him to her hidden technological city in the jungle. Now Wilkens must test out a set of skills he has rarely used.  Can he survive this strange encounter? Will he want to go back after seeing what is hidden there? Will he be the same Wilkens if he does?”